Plenary Speakers

(To be updated)
Shao-Rong Gao

Tongji University, China

Topic:Epigenetic regulation of cell fate: Learning from early embryo development and somatic cell reprogramming

Sabrina Diano 

Columbia University, USA

Topic:Nutrient sensing and central regulation of metabolism

Ru-Rong Ji

Duke University, USA

Topic:Neuroimmune cross-talk in physiological and pathological pain and itch

Esteban Ballestar

Josep Carreras Leukaemia Research Institute,Spain

Topic:Uncovering the Basis and Clinical Relevance of Epigenetics in Inflammation

MAYR Manuel

Imperial College London, UK

Topic:Proteomics Strategies to Identify New Diagnostic and Therapeutic Targets

Marcus Conrad

Helmholtz Munich German Research Center for Environmental Health, Germany

Topic:Modulating Ferroptosis for Disease Prevention

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